Skogafoss Waterfall: Stunning Natural Beauty!

The majestic Skogafoss is a waterfall, in the South of Iceland at the cliffs of the coastline. When you start seeing the waterfall from the Ring Road, it looks like a painting: so beautiful and majestic!

The Skogafoss is one of the country’s biggest waterfalls with a width of 25 m (82 ft) and a drop of 60 m (200ft). Visitors can be drenched if they go near the waterfall, again due to the spray.

Location: Skogar, Iceland
Total height: 60 m (200 feet)
Total width: 25 m (82 feet)
Water source: Skoga River

Skogafoss waterfall is unique because the waterfall comes directly from two glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull.

Skogafoss is located near the small village of Skogar, south of the Eyjafjallajokull glacier volcano. An open-air museum with old wooden houses, and a regional museum with various artifacts from this area. Here you can see how this nation evolved from the age of working horses to the digital communications of the 21st century.

Skogar Museum: A Lovely surprise

With a population of only 25 people, the lovely village of Skogar houses the Skogar Museum. This museum also includes Cafe and a museum shop.

The chest ring is now on display at the Skogar Museum.

The waterfall is incorporated in plenty of self-Drive, Tours, and vacation packages around the country, it is even included in the Golden Circle Road tours or South Coast tours. Those who rent a car can find this waterfall right by the Ring Road.

Located on the Skoga River, this waterfall is clearly visible from route one and is an excellent place to stop and enjoy while traveling Iceland’s South Coast. The river below the Skogafoss holds a large Salmon population and is thus a favorite sport for fishermen in summer.

Skogafoss is only one of the waterfalls in the Skoga River, there are 30+ other waterfalls in this river.

Rainbow of Skogafoss

When the sun reflects the constant spray of the waterfall, forms a beautiful, single or double rainbow. The mist generated by the waterfall often creates a rainbow, adding to its beauty. This brings it to one of the most visited locations in Iceland, along with other close-by highlights of the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Skogafoss translates to Forest waterfall.

Often, there are beautiful double rainbows, and even you can stand in the circle of a rainbow! Here you can take all kinds of pictures with the rainbow

It is especially beautiful when the water is still and you can get spectacular photos if taken from this angle.

Skogar Village

Skogar village is a small village located within 1km from Skogafoss waterfall.It is between Vik in the east and the town Hvolsvollur in the west.

Skogafoss waterfall at the base

Standing at the misty foot of the waterfall, walk right up to the overwhelming magnitude of the water to embrace this glorious marble of nature and you can relish the scene from the bottom of the falls and the picture-perfect view from varying angles to capture the scattering rainbows formed by the powerful spray of the falls. The dense veil of water will envelop you in a cloud of heavy spray, with a melancholy crashing into the pool below for you, just close your eyes and enjoy!

Top of Skogafoss Waterfalls
You can actually climb to the top of Skogafoss Iceland, for a unique view.
once you’re done with the waterfall from below, head to the right where you will find steps /a trial, there are around 572 steps and the climb is pretty steep.

You can climb the steps to the very top of the waterfall for a unique perspective from above. Compared to the number of people that admire the Skogafoss waterfall from below, not as many choose to venture to the top of the waterfall.

While you are up there, make sure to turn completely around and enjoy the view of the South Iceland coast as you watch the river from the base of Skogafoss waterfall flow out to meet the ocean.

When is the best time to visit Skogafoss waterfall in?
No matter what time of year you visit, Iceland, you can pay a visit to this famous waterfall!

Visiting Skogafoss Waterfalls during winter

The combination of water, snow, and cold “the rocks at the base of Skogafoss waterfall with slippery ice. It is still possible to walk on the ice to reach the base of the waterfall, but you must be aware and careful.

when visiting Iceland, in winter, you must be careful!

How much time should be spent at Skogafoss waterfall?

Many people visit Skogafoss waterfall and spend only 10 to 15 minutes. This is not enough to enjoy this waterfall, at least it is recommended to stay for an hour when visiting Skogafoss waterfall.

Walk up close to the base of Skogafoss, climb the stairs to the top of Skogafoss and walk around and enjoy the view. There is so much to see and enjoy the waterfall in Iceland.

Visit Skogafoss early or late if you want to avoid crowds
Either visit first thing in the morning or right around sunset.

Skogafoss hiking trail

River run through the lands called Fulilaekur, and then Jokulsar glacial river in Solheimasandur plains. The river runs in gorges between these two hills and onto the sand plains.

A hiking and trekking trail leads to the pass between the glaciers Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull at the eastern side of the waterfall, which can be either the starting or ending point of Iceland’s most popular hiking trail.

This hike is 22 km (14 miles) long and can be finished in a day. It goes down and continues as the Laugavegur trial to Landmannalaugar.

This trial takes you along the Skoga River, before ending in the beautiful valley.

How many steps are there to reach the top of the waterfalls?
There are about 527 steps that lead you to an observation platform above Skogafoss waterfall.

How much does it cost to visit Skogafoss?

It is free to visit Skogafoss waterfall. Parking at Skogafoss is also free.

The restrooms at Skogafoss Waterfall
Like many other restrooms, the toilets at Skogafoss cost money to use in Iceland. The restrooms are located at the entrance of the parking lot on the right-hand side.

How to get to Skogafoss waterfalls?
From Reykjavik: 155 km
From Seljalandsfoss: 28 km
Skogafoss is often visited along with the waterfall Seljalandsfoss, which is just a little further along the South Coast.

The waterfall was a location for the filming of the 2013, film releases Thor: The Dark World and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
The 2015, Bollywood movie Dilwale features the waterfall for one of the songs.

The series’ final season, Game of Thrones, in 2019, shows Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow flying to this waterfall on her dragons.

The legend of the treasure chest in Skogafoss waterfall

According to legend, the first Viking settler in the area buried gold and treasure in a cave behind the waterfall. The story goes in around 900, hit the chest and it is said that the first man who goes there will find great treasures.

The legend continues that locals found the chest years later, but were only able to grasp the ring on the side of the chest before it disappeared again. The ring was allegedly given to the local church.

The old rhyme in English is something like this:
“ the chest of Prasi is filled with treasures located beneath Skogafoss waterfall, which will find great richness”.

The story goes that there were once three men at Skogar. They wanted to retrieve the chest from beneath the waterfall. All of a sudden, they looked in the direction of the farm, and it appeared to be on fire. They decided on returning back, only to find that there was no danger apparent on the farm. Later on, they decided on going again to the waterfall to retrieve the chest and were not misled by some delusions.

They managed to get quite close to the chest and were able to hook a ring on the side of the chest but as they were about to pull the chest towards them they jerked and the chest was left behind. The story goes that the ring is now located in the church door at the Skogar.

Skogar Camping

Skogar camping ground is situated just meters from the famous Skogafoss waterfalls. It is the starting or ending point of the hiking trail.

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