Iceland Keflavik Airport Transfers – A Complete Guide 2023

Reykjavik is the capital and largest city of Iceland. Keflavik international airport is the main hub for international transport and it’s 50 km (30 miles) from Reykjavik. It takes 45-50 minutes. There are three different transport options for transfers from Keflavik international airport to Reykjavik City. The most efficient option is to take a rental car. The second option, which is the least expensive, is to take a bus. Taxis are the fastest and easiest option.

1. How to get from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik city by Rental Cars

Iceland is a country with natural beauty. There is no public transportation to many landmarks outside Reykjavik, so getting your own ride is a smart investment.

It’s better to book your car well in advance, even the pick-up location can be mentioned.

Better to pick up your car from Keflavik airport or else it adds to the cost of transfer to the city and back again to the airport at the end of your stay. Car rentals can also be picked up at Reykjavik City, Blue Lagoon Iceland, Reykjavik Cruise Port, and Bus terminal. If you are planning a road trip, then renting a car is a good option!

What is the cost of car rentals?

The economy car rental price starts from € 50 per day for a small one (2 people)

The bigger one or 4*4 vehicle price starts from €130 per day (5 people) and the Campervan price starts from €100 per day.

How do you reach the car rentals at the airport?
As you exit through customs, simply turn left in the arrival hall, and keep walking until you see the car rental desks. This takes hardly five minutes of walking, or you can get into a car rental shuttle bus.

The car rental office is easily accessible from KEF airport via shuttle bus. The shuttle bus is a free service that runs every 15 minutes from 5 AM to 6 PM daily. There are many car rental offices just 500m away from the arrival.

2. How to get from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik city by Buses.
I) Take a public bus
Taking the public bus is the cheapest, but also the slowest way to travel from Keflavik international airport to Reykjavik City Centre. The #55 bus runs from the airport to Reykjavik City. Just look for the bus 55 sign outside the terminal. Its final stop is the BSI terminal which is the city’s main Bus terminal. You can take another bus, or you can walk to your hotel from here.
The journey takes around 1-1.30 hours, depending on the traffic, and it ends at BSI Reykjavik City Centre.
The first#55 bus from the airport leaves at 6:35 AM and the last bus leave at 10:55 PM.

Price: €12.

Duration: 1 to 1.30hours

II) Take a Fly bus
The Fly bus is the best option for transfers from the airport to the city center. Fly bus shuttle departs at the airport 35 to 40 minutes after the arrival of each flight. They adapt their schedule in case of flight delays. So, there is always a bus waiting for you right outside the terminal building. Your ticket is valid on any bus so if you miss a bus, you just take the next one and there is no luggage restriction.
The pre-book tickets have a seat guaranteed, so it is wise to book in advance.

Option1-Flybus: Bus transfers between the airport and BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes and costs €24 for a one-way ticket, round trip will cost you €45.

Option 2- Fly bus+: transfer between the airport and hotels. This option costs just a few bucks more than the first part of the trip and is exactly the same take a bus to the BSI bus terminal, switching to another bus that offers a drop-off at most hotels and guest houses in Reykjavik. Some of the hotels are in the bus-free area, here the bus will drop you off at the nearest bus stop. You can walk to your hotel from the nearest stop. Depending on where you are staying, the total duration of this airport transfer should be around 1 to 1.5 hours and costs around €31.

What’s included?
* Direct transfer from the airport to Reykjavik
* Free Wi-Fi on every bus
* USB charge in every seat
* The Fly bus operates in connection with all arrivals-if your flight is Late, they wait!
* Drop off from the bus terminal to hotels can take up to extra 30 minutes.

Option – 3: Take a Grey Line bus.

Grey Line Iceland offers one of the largest bus transport services with a fleet of modern comfortable, coaches and airport shuttle, known for safety and comfort. Bus transfers between the airport and BSI bus terminal in Reykjavik.


You must buy a ticket for a specific time. So, if your flight is delayed your seat on the next bus is not guaranteed.

You are allowed a maximum of one big suitcase and one carry-on bag only. Extra fees apply for excess luggage.

Price: €24

Duration:45 minutes to 1hour

IV)Airport Direct

i)Airport direct economy

These are fixed schedule bus transfers from the airport to the city. They operate 24 x 7 every day. One Way ticket costs €25 It’s recommended to add a hotel Connection to your nearest bus stop. Hotel Connection costs an extra €7.

ii) Airport direct premium

This is door to door minicab transfer between the airport and the city. This is the fastest and most affordable way to get your accommodation in the city. One Way tickets cost

€53. They differ in schedule baggage restrictions and drop-off locations.

What’s included?
* Direct transfer from the airport to Reykjavik
* Free Wi-Fi on every bus.

*USB charge in every seat

Where do I get the bus from Keflavik airport?
The bus stop is located right outside the terminal area.

Comparison of Bus options

Public bus€121-1.30 hours
Fly bus option 1€2445 minutes
Fly bus option 2*€311-1.30 hours
Grey Line€2445minutes-1hour
Airport direct economy*€321-1.30 hours
Airport direct premium*€5345minutes-1hour

* Takes direct to your accommodation
Others will take you to the BSI bus terminal, from there you can take an alternate transport or if your hotel is nearby, you can even walk.

3. How to get from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik city by taxi

Taxis are the fastest and most comfortable transfer option from the airport to the city. Taxis are also the most flexible option and will take you straight to your hotel without unnecessary stops on the road-unless of course, you want to stop somewhere on the way. The Taxi operates 24/7: they offer door-to-door service, taking you direct to accommodation. Taxis are readily available at the airport and are the best option for people who want to avoid unnecessary delays when they arrive in a new city.

Please note: Taxi fare increase between 00.00 and 6.00 AM

Price: 130 euros during the daytime (more dependent on traffic)
          160 euros at night.
Duration: 40 minutes
Availability: 24/7 at Keflavik airport.

Comparison of options (to the accommodation)

Bus€351-1.30hours4.45AM-10.45 PM
Taxi€13040 minutes24/7

Where to buy an Iceland Sim card ?

Upon arrival, you can buy an Iceland Sim card at Keflavik airport. There are not any mobile internet stores but 24-hour convenience, stores, and Iceland SIM cards for tourists. As soon as you walk out of the arrival store on your right-hand side, will see a lime green convenience store here they also sell Sim cards for Iceland. They offer prepaid Iceland Sim cards from Vodafone, Siminn, and Nova.
Siminn is the best prepaid Sim card for Iceland!

What is the currency used in Iceland?
Icelandic kroner
1000 Icelandic krona is equal to €6.70

Which is the best place to exchange currency in Iceland?
Keflavik international airport is relatively small, so it is easy to find the ATM. When you exit the baggage claim area, you will be in a reception area where you can pick up your rental car or take a shuttle bus to Reykjavik. Here you will find the ATM if you want to get cash. This is the best place to exchange currency in Iceland.


Rental cars are the best way to experience the natural beauty of Iceland. This gives freedom to choose your own route and the flexibility of doing things at your own pace. Icelandic roads take you to some out-of-this-world landscapes, so find the right car for your journey and have nice memorable experiences!

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